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About Me

Dr. Adrian Yuen is a trained in counseling psychology with his Ph.D. from Walden University. Dr, Adrian Yuen is a life coach with certification with the American Association of Christian Counselors and Light University. Dr. Yuen also has certification in advaned leadership and executive negotiations from the University of Notre Dame. Very importantly, Dr. Yuen is also a member of the world-reknown John Maxwell Team of Life Coaches, Mentors,Trainers, and Motivational Speakers.

Dr. Yuen worked in the public school system with a mental health clinic from 1999-2005 and helped children with special needs and special education. In his experience, Dr.Yuen provided individual and family therapy as well as school consultation with children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Antisocial Behaviors, Asperger's Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and other psychological issues and disorders.

Dr. Adrian Yuen has been counseling adult populations for thirty years. He has also worked with all types of emotional and spiritual issues.

Dr. Adrian Yuen works in the area of conflict resolution, especially in church ministry between members of churches or between churches. He is currently continuing his training in the area of negotiations, executive leadership, and mediation with the University of Notre Dame Online Options.

Dr. Adrian Yuen provides pre-marital, marital, and relationship counseling and therapy based both on the Bible as well as on diverse schools of psychological thought. He has dealt with adult populations in areas of personal enrichment, emotional struggles, and within family constellations.

Please understand that Dr. Yuen reserves the right to refer a patient or client out to licensed professional or medical doctor. Dr. Yuen does provide a strong spiritual foundation to his therapeutic strategies. 


  • Ph.D. in Psychology from Walden University
  • Executive Negotiations Certificate from the University of Notre Dame.
  • Life Coach Certificate from the American Association of Christian Counselors
  • Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Mentor of the John Maxwell Team.


Professional Activities and Membership

  • American Psychological Association
  • American Christian Counseling Association
  • Society of Christian Psychology
  • Society of Pentecostal Studies

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